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KXT Dosing System-Raw Meal Dosing System

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KXT(S) Dosing System apply to raw meal dosing feeding and measurement in NSP cement kiln feeding, characterized with stable feeding, accurate dosing, rapid adjusting, zero self correcting, automatic calibration on-line etc, which is in set with the raw meal dosing feeding in 1000-5000t/d NSP cement product line. 

1. Composition
This system consist of BD weight calibrate box, WG flow-stabilizing feeder, KL(S) flow meter and control system.Weight calibrate box can demarcate the flowmeter online, dominate the material level in the box.
Regard as the pre-feeding devise, WG flow-stabilizing feeder can adjust the feeding quantity as discretion, together with the KL(S) flow meter constitute the closed loop control system. The WG flow-stabilizing feeder can feed the material according the given flux demand. The feeder include two apolegamy form , flow-stabilizing impeller and flux control valve. You can choose the  apolegamy form thereinto according the different feeding quantity and material speciality. This series mainly apply as Mass-flow powdery material dosing preceding stage feeding equipment.
Control system will get the instantaneous flow after calculate the collected signal, and show the instantaneous flow and progressive volume. At the same time, the system will adjust the WG flow-stabilizing feeder base on the setting value. 

2.KXT(S) control system
      Control system take the responsibility for accomplishing several task like signal collection, situation estimation, error correction, operation management, data display, system regulation, system communication etc.


The main technical characteristics of  KXT(S) system
      (1) measuring accuracy: out match 0.5%
      (2) control accuracy: ±1.0%
      (3)measuring range: 10~550t/h (raw material) arbitrarily selected.
      (4)Suitable material: raw material, cement or other powdery and granular material.
      (5)environment: temperature -20℃~60℃, relative humidity, ≤95%. 
      (6)Moisture of material: ≤1.5%




Cement raw material, cement, and other powder and granular materials















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