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KXT Dosing System-Fly Ash (Slag)Dosing System

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The KXT(F) achieve evenly and steadily dosing and accurately measurement for fly ash, and adapt for fly ash mass-flow measurement. The system is operating in 0.5-100t/h production line, receiving favourable reviews by users.
We can provide two form system base on different flow rate. For the flow rate of 0.5-30t/h system is consisted by flow-stability pre-feeder, flow meter and control system. For the flow rate of 15-150t/h system is consisted by special feeder valve, flow rate adjusting valve, weight adjusting valve and control system. The system is adapt for cement grinding station and cement milling system.
1. Composing of the KXT(F) system
      The KXT(F) system is composed by flow-stability pre-feeder, KL flow meter and control device. The flow-stabilizing pre-feeder is installed under the fly ash silo, which supply steady flow fly ash. The fly ash enter into KXT meter through flow-stabilizing pre-feeder, the control device base on the flow rate feed back to the flow-stabilizing pre-feeder to adjust the rotating speed.
2. Flow-stabilizing pre-feeder device
      Flow-stabilizing pre-feeder device adopt different assembly mode base on the fly ash usage amount(t/h), storage and layout on-site. There are two basic programs to choose.
Program 1
      Adopting WD flow-stabilizing pre-feeder as feeding device, with KL flow meter constitute a closed loop control. This program is usually used in small-flow fly ash measurement, measurement range is not more than 30t/h.
Program 2
      The flow-stabilizing pre-feeder device made up of NXF rotary valve, pneumatic switch valve, electric flow valve and aerate separate case, with KL flow meter constitute a dosed loop control. This program is usually used in mass-flow fly ash measurement, measurement range is up to 150t/h.


The KXT (F) Coriolis force dosing system is applied to dosing fly ash and pulverized slag, it is benefit for the reuse of industrial waste and it can also increase mill output, ensure product quality and gain economic benefits. The system is characterized with stable feeding, accurate dosing, quick adjustment, simple process flow, compact arrangement, low investment cost, and wide measuring range etc.
The KL (F) system is designed under the patent, of which the principle is different from the glide slot and rush board flow meter, agravic meter, rotor scale, and belt weigher. The principle of the KL (M) meter is the Coriolis dynamical principle, the material moved in the dosing plate under the Coriolis force, and the force can be equal to the flow of the material, so the flow can be showed as special value. The KL (F) cannot be disturbed by any vibration and pressure, and the zero point can be changed by any deposit and aggradations.
The KL (F) flow meter can be used for the process of the dosing of the powder material independently. In the cement industry, the meter can be used for the feeding of the powder coal, fly ash, and several powder materials, like the grinding and mix of the clinker and the compound material, and the dosing of the bulk cement.
The flow meter is widely applied to the convoying and dosing of powder and granular materials in the metallurgy, electrical power, chemical engineering, foodstuff, ports, medicine power, , non-metallic mineral etc.
Technical Index
      Suitable material: fly ash, slag
      Measuring accuracy: better than ±0.5%
      Control accuracy:  better than  ±1.0%
      Measuring range: 0.5~150t/h
      environmental temperature: -20℃~60℃
      relative humidity: ≤95%
      Moisture of material: ≤ 2.5%

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